Upcoming: So Far… Practice In Times of Climate Crisis

I’m excited that I’m helping organise an event at the Architectural Association with the Environmental and Technical Studies department to establish the AA’s vision on the climate, ecological and social justice we start by considering the immediate actions architects and designers are already making in practice.

So Far… Practice In Times of Climate Crisis, Image by the Architectural Association School of Architecture Communications Studio

Building on our From Now On conversation, we know that humans are responsible for these issues. Humans need to live within the capacity of the earth and as designers we have the opportunity to lead that change. We recognise that some modern models may no longer be fit for purpose and that we need to better understand the relationship of our materials, energy, nature, water and place.

In this symposium, tutors from Environmental and Technical Studies alongside other leading experts take a critical look at what we have been doing in practice so far… and begin to discuss what we have to do next.

The day is split into 4 sessions:

10:00-11:20 Environment
11:30-12:50 Carbon

14:00-15:20 Circularity
15:30-17:00 Design Culture

Please join us to critique our work and offer advice on how we could improve further