I’m a Structural Engineer and Teacher and I want to help make the world a little better through designing, making and teaching.

My current research is focused on promoting ecology on site and whole life carbon assessment.


I lead technical studies courses at the Architectural Association and Central Saint Martins and I am currently researching design methods to reduce the impact on climate and ecology.

I enjoy using new technology and software to develop new designs, re-use older methods and link the design to manufacture process.


I’m fortunate to have worked at different engineering practices including Price & Myers Geometrics Team working on large projects with complicated geometries, smaller art projects with complicated construction or community projects with complicated details. You can find out more about my work history here.

I believe it is important to share your skills and knowledge and I continue to work on humanitarian and community projects.

We need to protect our shared heritage and I’m always keen to work with historic structures and understanding the craft methods used to design and build them.


Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in collaborating, like my work or want to ask a question about something.