Introducing Technical Architecture Digitally

My first teaching paper has been published! You can find it here, Research Gate and Academia.Edu.

Everyone found the coronavirus pandemic difficult and teaching during it was doubly difficult. I wrote this paper to celebrate the amazing things my Central Saint Martins BA Architecture students were able to achieve and the unwavering support I had from my colleagues Shumi Bose, Oscar Brito, Ruth Lang, Andrew Sides and the Technical Studies team.

It talks about how we used a spiral curriculum model to progressively develop student knowledge and skill which they could use to create imaginative and functional designs with. How we tried to stay at the higher end of the revised Bloom’s taxonomy so students gained understanding through application, even while being remote. Focusing on using cheap, natural materials to embed sustainability even in model making. And how we developed a shared digital ecosystem which was flexible for the different module needs.

I am so proud of my students and I KNOW they will go on to do amazing things. I am grateful for the team that allowed us to develop this course and I look forward to taking these ideas further at the Architectural Association and Kingston School of Art.