Sustainable Architecture and Engineering References

As an Engineer, a Senior Lecturer and someone who gets very nerdy about topics I’ve found a lot of references. Here are the key tools and references I use.

Regenerative Design

Resources related to regenerative design and architecture.

  1. Regenerative Development and Design A Framework for Evolving Sustainability (Pamela Mang, Ben Haggard, Regenesis)
  1. Regenerative design and development case studies (Regenesis Group)

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Urban Adaptation

Resources related to cities adapting to climate change.

  1. A Catalogue of Nature-Based Solutions for Urban Resilience
  1. Website to analyze any site around the world Climate Resilient City Toolbox (thanks Nanco Dolman)

Regenerative Agriculture

Resources related to Regenerative Agriculture (which is different to regenerative design).

  1. Data and information on biodiversity in Europe.

Companies and contacts

  • reNature [I haven’t had the chance to work with them]

Humanitarian Shelter

Resources related to Humanitarian Shelter.

Shelter After Disaster, Strategies for Transitional Settlement and Reconstruction by Shelter Centre
  1. Sphere Standards, standards for emergencies (The Sphere Project)
  1. An overview of Shelter After Disaster (Shelter Centre)
  1. Post-disaster shelter: Ten designs (IFRC)
  1. Transitional Shelter 8 Designs (IFRC)

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Resources related to carbon emissions.

  1. LETI Guide
  1. Life Cycle Databases from around the world.

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Material Selection

Resources related to selecting low impact, healthy materials.

  1. Information and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) on materials (2050 Materials)
  1. Guides on using healthy, low impact materials (Healthy Materials Lab)


Resources related to Ecology.

Siân Moxon 2020 (
  1. Information on Urban/City Ecology and Design (Rewild My Street)
  1. Data and information on biodiversity in Europe (The Biodiversity information system for Europe)


Resources related to using Timber.

  1. Case Studies on Timber Projects (TDUK)
  1. Timber Product Life Cycle Information (Wood for Good)
  1. Reuse of Timber (InFutURe Wood)
  1. Information on Timber Fire Safety

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Resources related to water management.

  1. Introductory presentation on Water Sensitive Urban Design (Nanco Dolman)
  1. Case studies focused on Nature-based solutions in Cities (Nanco Dolman)
  1. Website for different sites and climate issues using the Climate Adaptation App (thanks Nanco Dolman)
  1. Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond Volume 1 & 2 (Brad Lancaster)


Resources related to the use of Hemp.

  1. The Hempcrete Book by William Stanwix and Alex Sparrow

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Resources related to using Stone.

  1. Stone Ideas shows news in the use of Stone

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Resources related to retrofit.

  1. Temperate climate retrofit Sustainable Renovation (SEDA)
  1. Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide (LETI)


Resources related to masonry.

  1. Brickwork and Modern Methods of Construction (BDA)

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